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Choose Simplicity For Your Homeschool...

Simplicity in the homeschool. Why it's more important that ever to simplify. Freely Homeschool Planner App

Simplicity often doesn't feel simple to attain. We look at our busy lives as a whole, all our clutter, and think simplicity is for the lucky, the rich, and the naturally organized. But if I was to say to you, true simplicity is really a state of mind, and not actually the clear bin storage and the rainbow color organization, would you be interested?

Simplicity to me is deeper than just organization, it's a lifestyle choice. It really is a beautiful word and it can and should be applied to everyday life.

Simplicity is life-giving, it's knowing without a doubt that everything you own and maintain in your home and life is important to your family. That's right, this isn't just you trying to get organized, this is something your whole family can and will embrace. I sense you might roll your eyes at this point, maybe under your breath you said something like "yeah but you don't know my kids!"

I get it, I really really do! It has taken me so much trial and error to get to the point I have in my home, which is far from perfect by the way. But perfect isn't my goal, and it shouldn't be yours either. Simple, easier, manageable? Now that's the goal!

My house gets messy. Just like any other homeschooling family, my kids play for a big part of the day. I have extra homeschool resources to manage and maintain. And if you popped over unexpectedly to my home, you would not see a house that is necessarily tidy. You would see homeschool items on the dining table, maybe a project drying, and you would probably see some paint cans on a towel in the corner because we are renovating.

You will most definitely see one or two baby dolls hanging around, probably about to get their fifth outfit change for the day, and the forgotten outfits lying somewhere they don't belong. There might be a dying plant in the "plant hospital" in the bathtub.

But if I asked my kids to help tidy up, they know exactly how and where to put things away. Not just their stuff, but everything in our home. And it would take less than 10 minutes. Would they complain about it? Yep, most times they do. But it's quick and easy so they don't complain for long!

That was never the case before. Before I simplified it would just be left to me, and well, I'm only one person, trying to homeschool my kids, stay fit and sane, manage a company, renovate my home, and keep everybody in my family alive.

As someone that has struggled my whole life to "get it together," it feels really good to model to my kids that consumerism is wasteful and it costs us so much more than just the price tag at the checkout. I truly believe this is something that can be taught alongside budgeting and saving.

Just like mainstream school thinking, we are opting out of a busy and over scheduled life.

Simplicity in your home and life can not realistically be achieved overnight. Sorry, there are no real shortcuts to this, but I will say that the strategies I'm sharing with you in this bundle and the 10-day simplicity challenge (which can be downloaded in the "Resources you'll love" section) is packed full of everything that has taken me years to learn and gather together, so maybe it is a bit of a shortcut!

Simplicity challenge. 10 day simplicity challenge and guidebook. Free download. Freely Homeschool Planner App

The 10-day Simplicity challenge is all about focusing on one space for 10 whole days, yes that's right, just one space. This is not a fly- through it all in one weekend kind of thing. This is not a race, this is a purposeful, meaningful process that will allow you and whoever you choose to involve in the process see and feel the difference.

This 10 day challenge will show you how easy it is to work simplifying into your everyday life just with one simple task that you can easily work into each day.

I offer support and advice and links to the best experts in the business. With a quiz to find out your organisational style and videos explaining the exact process of decluttering. You will have all the support you need in the guide notes and its all included with this months FREE Homeschool support bundle which is packed full of all the inspiration and tips to why and how you can start simplifying today. Grab it here


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